Sex handcuffs 2

Sex handcuffs

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Set of:
Handcuffs + double fixation
Leather color - black
Metal fittings color - gold, silver

Sex handcuffs - erotic accessories for role-playing games.

A woman who submits to her partner during intimacy wants to convey as much as possible her mood and feelings, which are associated with complete submission. She tries to look so that with only one glance the partner will understand what she wants and fulfill her wishes. In sex handcuff, this can be done as much as possible. Accessories can be connected in different variations, for example, both handcuffs can be fastened to the choker or your hands can be locked in a certain position by connecting two handcuffs. The variation of usage depends on your imagination and desire to experience varying degrees of movement restriction. In this case, the dominant takes full responsibility for the feelings of the submissive takes such actions that will bring them both to a unique ecstasy, a set of emotions.

Experience pleasant sensations, play games, allow each other to express their sexual fantasies and you will once again want to repeat your intimacy in handcuffs for sex.

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