Leather chokers for women

Collars chokers for women have always been a way of seduction. This is due to our psychology, when we emphasize the thinnest parts of the body: a collar on the neck, a shining chain and handcuffs on the wrist.

How to understand what kind of choker necklace for women do you need? Let's look at the most common of them.

Varieties and types of chokers for women

  1. Day choker a tricky thing, purely aesthetic decorations that emphasize the neck and look innocent. It is worn at any time of the day or night, at home and on the street, in the office and at a party. With its simple design and elegance, it goes well with any outfits and jewelry. But on the other hand, it transparently hints at hidden passions and desires. Daytime collars can be replaced with a play collar during sexy role play.
  2. Bdsm choker slave. Such aesthetics gives a special uniqueness to the design, hints at submissiveness with its shape and perfectly complements the image of a BDSM - Slave or Master.
    • O-ring chokers around the neck is distinguished by rigor and minimalism, inspires the implementation of interesting adult game scenarios and increases the pleasure of the process. Use the ring to tie the bottom or put on a short leash.
    • Bdsm choker with leash is suitable for games in which the submissive partner takes on the role of a lustful little creature that needs to be fed, tamed and walked on a leash. Combine it with a harness, so you will embody your wildest sexual fantasies, plunge headlong into the world of submission, and feel your dependence on another person.

Leather choker hard or soft

All products are made of premium Italian premium leather:

  1. Vegetable Tanned Leather – is more durable, wear-resistant and soft. According to these qualities, the products will serve you for a very long time. Chokers made of genuine leather belt always attract the eye, fit any style and clothes, look expensive and sophisticated.
  2. Soft premium Patent Leather – is thinner, so it feels softer and more elegant on the body. All models are double-layered: the top is smooth, lacquered with a glossy sheen, and the bottom is made of soft suede. This combination of materials provides additional comfort during long-term use.
  3. Nappa Leather - is used in the manufacture of expensive luxury accessories. Elastic thin and gentle, but at the same time wear-resistant. The Nappa choker will be a great addition to your premium collection of accessories.

No matter what type of leather you like, hard or delicate, you can be sure that Obsessharness masters process and dye the edges of the harness using a special technology. Therefore, they do not scratch or injure the skin, giving the owner maximum wearing comfort. A wide range of color palette will allow you to choose a leather choker for every taste and color.

What color is preferred

  • Black choker necklace – classic that has always been and will remain in fashion. This color looks win-win on the skin of any shade, is appropriate for any occasion: add sophistication to your image or audacity and courage.
  • Red chokers selected by women who are passionate and self-confident. It can be completed with a harness of the same color will give you the opportunity to feel like a femme fatale or give passion.
  • Pink chokers we designed for romantic, gentle, flirtatious and even a little infantile person. Suitable for both daily selection and role play.
  • Other colors are also available: green, wine, Ocean blue, purple, yellow, light green.

However, no matter how important we put into the color scheme and designs, as it is up to you to decide who you are today: a cute coquette or a powerful goddess, Mistress or Slave. The main thing is your personal choice and the right to it.