Crotchless panties leather

Women crotchless panties lingerie - a unique collection of kink accessories opens intimate places like women's pussy, created for erotic games and BDSM.

Crotchless leather lingerie outfit – the highlight of the collection is the unusual geometry of the straps, which opens intimacy crotch space. This design allows your partner to have easy access to your women's pussy during sexual play or make foreplay even more seductive.

All models of crotchless leather bodysuit are made of genuine Italian leather, which is known for its high quality and durability. Crotchless leather panties underwear are made from different types of natural leather: practical vegetable-tanned belt leather, glamorous patent leather and premium soft nappa.

We believe that health and comfort are as important as beauty, so we process the edges of all products using a technology that allows them to be rounded and smooth. They do not cut into the skin, do not injure it during use, which means they will provide complete immersion in the erotic process, and not in thoughts: how to remove it.

We use water-based paint for coloring. It's safe for your skin and the environment. At the same time, the palette of colors is wide for every taste: flesh, white, gold, brown, green, purple, pink, wine red, sea wave, classic black.

We use high-quality Italian fittings, as they retain their appearance and properties for a long time. Available options: silver and gold.

Best crotchless panties

Crotchless leather pants design has different variants: from panties to full body harness.

  1. Crotchless womens panties - a sexy product, the leather straps of which are connected in such a way that they leave an open space in the crotch area. They can be used separately and in a set with other harness accessories (bondage, garters, bras, complemented with chains or restraint straps for arms or legs). For this, additional fastenings in the form of cast half-rings are provided. The bold open design will draw your partner's attention to the exposed parts of your body, making your look more seductive.
  2. Sexy crotchless panties set – product of a provocative erotic nature, consists of two separated parts. The upper part is made in the form of a bralette necklace, which opens part of the chest with a web of thin straps, but at the same time closes the areolas of the nipples, leaving intrigue and mystery in your image. The lower part is represented by hip cuffs and a belt. Fastens at the waist with an adjustable belt-strap and upper thighs. There are also adjustable buckles on the inner sides of the thigh cuffs, which can be used to adjust the fit to your measurements. Additional casthalf-rings are not only a decorative solution, but also a practical one – they provide for the possibility of attaching hand cuffs using straps or chains with carbines. The main task of this product design is to focuse on the curves of the hips and draw attention to the open crotch.
  3. Full body crotchless panties - worn all over the body, has a beautiful seductive geometry, as its deep cutouts open the chest and crotch, which means they attract even more attention to these parts. There are adjustable straps for a perfect fit. We also produce products according to your individual sizes and wishes. This model goes well with handcuffs, chains or a harness. Such an accessory will become an essential attribute of your BDSM role-playing game.