Harness leather belt

Leather harness belts - the stylish modern accessories that incorporates the attributes of BDSM aesthetics and sexuality, but at the same time have excellent everyday use over clothing. It resembles an accesories, bandage and a wide peplum belt at the same time.

The main function - is to emphasize the waist, giving it a neat shape, while the hips visually seem more feminine and sexy. The shape is often rectangular, but trapezoidal belts are also available on request for women who want to give more volume to the hips.

Made of a dense material that does not deform for a long time. We use natural belt leather, patent leather and nappa leather. The technical characteristics of this material (elasticity, rigidity, tactile sensations) allow the belts to retain their original appearance, creases and wrinkles do not form. The edges of the products are processed using a special technology and do not injure the skin when worn.

Body harness belt women advices

There are many design options and the choice depends on the impression you decide to make and the occasion for which you wear this bold accessory. We've listed some interesting solutions below.

  • Body harness belt women’s - designed for a special occasion, representing a harmonious combination of a naked body or erotic transparent lingerie with leather belts. It attracts and excites, sets up for bold sexual exploits. Perfectly combined with other attributes of BDSM themes. This version is complemented by removable leather garters or leg garters;
  • Thigh harness belt fastened at the waist and hips with additional straps and carabiners. Extra rings on these models also allow it to be combined with other role-playing harness pieces. Not intended for everyday wear, but will be a "chili pepper" for a special occasion or themed party;
  • Harness belts fashion – an intricate geometric solution in the form of several plexuses (wide and narrow) and additional details and decorations (colored inserts, rivets, rhinestones, beads, snakes, locks, chains). It is worn mainly over clothes as an attribute of style, focuses on the waist and visually slims, giving the female figure an hourglass shape;
  • Waist belt harness - is a wide rigid with a minimum amount of additional accessories, suitable for combination with casual wear and erotic lingerie as a functional fixation system during role-playing games (with the help of additional fixators in the form of handcuffs or leggings, you can tie your hands or feet to a harness for, more spicy sensations;
  • Harness belt outfit – a stylish everyday version, can be easily combined with other types of leather harness, chokers and leg garters. Great for creating an image in the street style, casual, punk, and gothic. Organically combined with plain clothes (tops, dresses, trousers);
  • Corset harness belt – an interesting solution, reminiscent of a classic corset. Such an accessory consists of straps woven together in the waist area, creating the effect of a monolithic product.

Suitable for any type of figure and used to draw attention to the neckline and waist.