Panties strap on

Harness panties strapon are a popular erotic accessory designed to decorate women's buttocks. This sexy product will make your look unforgettable. Our products are made from genuine leather. Each edge of the belts is proceeded with special technology to prevent irritation of the naked skin. They are soft and pleasant. High-quality materials allow obtaining premium products in our production, that will delight everyone and make your game unforgettable.

You can choose from a large assortment just such harness panty, which will fulfill its function to the fullest. The design is thought out in such a way that you can experience not only comfort but also incredible bliss from the beauty of your body. In our shop, there are variations of erotic attributes that go well with leather bras or other BDSM attributes, for example, handcuffs or ankle cuffs.

Types of harness panties strap on

An accessory such as the panty strap on harness is designed to use a dildo toy that attaches to a ring. It is tightly fixed and makes it possible to experiment with different types of sex. The belts on the buttocks accentuate the shape beautifully. And the open crotch allows you to apply for different sex positions and change roles during play.

Strapon panty harness is very comfortable. You can make the desired fit so that they sit as comfortably as possible, snuggling around the dildo area. You can replace the O-rings yourself with the desired diameter ring specifically for your toy. Enjoying aesthetically, you will give each other an intimacy full of trust and pleasure.

There are also crotchless models of strapon harness panties. They have full access to the perineum, which allows you to perform any type of penetration, as well as sexual activity. Beautiful models of panties improve erotic mood, add passion and desire to your relationship. Try experimenting with your passionate outfit as well as new ways to have fun.