Neck collar handcuffs

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    Set of:
  • Handcuffs width - 4 cm;
  • Collar width - 4 cm;
  • Two double fixation - 4 cm;
  • Fixation 3 point hog tie;
  • Leather color - pink;
  • Metal fittings color - gold, silver;
  • Genuine matte leather, suede and metal fittings, made in Italy;
  • Leather thickness is 1.1-1.3 mm., sewn into 2 layers;
  • Outside – leather;
  • Inside – suede.

Neck collar handcuffs is a great accessory kit to achieve sexual pleasure.

Every woman needs to be aware of her desires and sexuality. Confidence in her unsurpassed role as a lover adds more enthusiasm during the seduction of a man. To have attraction, passion and great excitement in your relationship, you need to constantly improve your intimate relationship with your partner. Indeed, when partners are completely satisfied with their sexual relationships, they feel harmony in all other areas of life.

Handcuff neck collar is created for complete emancipation. With this kit, a woman will be able to properly obey her partner and fulfill his desires. He will be very excited by the mere thought that his woman is ready to fulfill any of his fantasies. This will be a great opportunity for him to manage his woman. Try neck collar handcuffs, and you will not be able to restrain your passionate emotions.

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