How to use handcuffs in sex

how to use handcuffs during sex
Leather handcuffs - a kind of BDSM toys

Many lovers of BDSM relationships are increasingly using various toys. Of course, not a single game can do without submission, respectively, various kinds of limiters of movements are constantly used. Among many types of handcuffs, a special place is occupied by leather models, which have their advantages. You can buy leather handcuffs in our shop in different color variations and types of leather, as well as metal fittings.

Games with restraints are the first step to trying out BDSM practices. Those who have never tried such an experience before beginning with the purchase of leather handcuffs. At the same time, experts and experienced couples do not recommend purchasing steel toys with spikes in the early stages. Leather is just an excellent material for testing BDSM culture in your bed. For dominated games, use submissive handcuffs.

There is an option to use handcuffs as a single accessory, with which you can only fix hands. You can combine them with ankle cuffs, and there are also other combined options. Bondage restraints in the full set are very popular, which makes it possible to fix different parts of the body and use accessories in the desired variation. Slave woman is limited in movement in this case.

handcuffs for sex

Use cases of handcuffs for sex

First of all, it is important to understand that the BDSM game involves unforced participation. At the same time, despite the scenario, special safe-words or gestures must be provided, according to which everything stops immediately.

Besides, when using handcuffs, the dominant partner must understand that his partner is completely subordinate and defenseless, and therefore it is better to discuss the process in advance. There are no strict scenarios for using handcuffs. Each couple gives vent to their imagination and translates everything into reality. However, there are some of the most common options.

  1. Complete dominance. One of the partners becomes a slave. In this case, the complete dominance of one of the partners with the consent of the other is necessary. A slave, with the help of handcuffs, is fixed in a comfortable position, can be fastened to a bed or chair, or can simply be fixed so that the subordinate partner can not move.
  2. Wearing a fetish. Handcuffs can be used as decoration and underlining the status of a subordinate role. You can force your slave to wear handcuffs for days, for this you should buy a collar and a pair of chains or a leash in the kit.
  3. Suspension. Some cuffs allow, with the help of a carabiner, to attach a partner to a hook on the ceiling and bring to the highest degree of pleasure without her participation. Handcuffed games for two are very diverse, their main condition is safety.
  4. Game with a key. Handcuff a partner in handcuffs leather harder, and leave the key with you. To free his submissive, she must ask for freedom and fulfill all the innermost fantasies of her dominant.
  5. Torture. A great view of a tough BDSM game for experienced lovers. In addition to handcuffs, leashes, whips, and other tools for punishment can be useful.
collar and handcuff

BDSM practice is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment. Now, this is normal in many respects. Therefore, the use of sex toys is now widespread, and many, as a gift to their beloved partner, choose leather handcuffs or an O-ring day collar.

In our shop, you can choose a kit for the most sophisticated entertainment. It does not matter, you are just starting to play your submission scenarios or are already experienced players with distributed roles. In any case, our quality product will help you diversify your sex life.