Leather harness belt + Handcuffs

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SET of:
Handcuffs - belt width 4 cm
Belt - belt width 11 cm

2 x Double fixation (the two shorter ones and two longer ones)

Leather harness belt excites the love imagination and stimulates erotic fantasies.

When a man, through the establishment of emotional closeness with a woman, seeks to achieve sexual intimacy, the woman has a better expressed spiritual connotation of the relationship, and through sexual relations, she seeks spiritual closeness with her partner. She needs a harmony between the physical, sexual and mental components of a relationship. That is why a woman pays more attention to foreplay, the romantic component of relationships, flirting. Most often, for a woman to want sexual intimacy with a man, she must be both psychologically and physically prepared for this. In order to be fully prepared and surrender to the process of intimacy, you must use harness leather belt.

If you want to add pleasant emotions to the sexual process, as well as decorate your image, make it seductive and feminine, wear leather harness belts on your naked body or clothes.

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