Leather bondage

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Set of:
Handcuffs - belt width 6 cm
Thigh cuffs - belt width 6 cm
Leather Quadruple fixation

Leather color - gray
Metal fittings color - gold, silver

Materials: genuine patent leather, suede and metal fittings, made in Italy
Leather thickness is 1.1-1.3 mm., sewn into 2 layers.

Outside – leather
Inside – suede

Leather bondage is a set of leather accessories for sophisticated partners.

Role-playing games with BDSM accessories are an excellent option for exploring your partner's desires, discovering new ways of giving joy. Hand fixation behind or in front to thigh cuffs limits the movements of the submissive partner. Thus, the dominant will be able to lead the process of the game and fulfill his fantasies. Products create an erotic atmosphere and high-quality connection due to their workmanship and beautiful color of patent leather. This kit is universal, so it can be used by both a woman and a man, depending on the fantasies and the chosen sexual roles.

To give your partner and yourself a lot of pleasure, use bondage leather, decorate your naked body with them. Try to apply for various roles in the intimate process, immerse yourself in pleasant moments with them.

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