Bondage cuffs 2

Bondage cuffs

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SET of:
Ankle cuffs - belt width 4 cm
Handcuffs - belt width 4 cm
Leather quadruple fixation
Two double fixations

Leather color - burgundy
Metal fittings color - gold

Materials: genuine leather, suede, and metal fittings, made in Italy
Leather thickness is 1.1-1.3 mm., sewn into 2 layers.

Outside – leather
Inside – suede

Bondage cuffs - accessories for a variety in intimate relationships.

Each partner in a relationship wants to constantly experience feelings that can give that pleasure that will strengthen the connection between two people. Bondage cuff makes sex life brighter and creates even more attraction. The main condition for a successful intimate game is trust between partners. When you share your desires and fantasies, there is a great opportunity to experiment.

Use cuffs bondage during intimacy, because with the help of your visual image you can create a pleasant excitement that will guide you. Attraction can excite the imagination and inflame passion, just trust each other and you can plunge into a passion and exciting emotions.

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