Bondage restraint set

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SET of:
Handcuffs - belt width 6 cm
Waist belt - belt width 11 cm
Thigh cuffs - belt width 6 cm
2 x Double Fixation
Two metal double fixations

Leather color - red
Metal fittings color - gold, silver

Materials: genuine patent leather, suede, and metal fittings, made in Italy
Leather thickness is 1.1-1.3 mm., sewn into 2 layers.

Outside – leather
Inside – suede

Bondage restraint set is a bright set of accessories for a hot intimacy.

When a woman loves her body, her sexuality drives others crazy. She adorns it with various accessories, including the restraint bondage set. The set is perfectly adjustable, decorating appetizing female forms.

The development of sexual sensuality often depends on the actions of the partner. He will simply wish to express his passion and attraction to you because the image in bondage set restraint will tell him how to behave during intimate practices. A man will make you feel desirable, beautiful and attractive.

Bondage set restraints add to its owner confidence in the attractiveness of the body. Realization of your sexual potential with a man takes place in the presence of inner relaxedness, awareness of attractiveness, passions, desires, and opportunities.

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