Bondage restraint

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SET of:
Handcuffs - belt width 6 cm
Waist belt - belt width 11 cm
Thigh cuffs - belt width 6 cm
Leather Quadruple fixation

Leather color - burgundy
Metal fittings color - gold, silver

Materials: genuine patent leather, suede, and metal fittings, made in Italy
Leather thickness is 1.1-1.3 mm., sewn into 2 layers.

Outside – leather
Inside – suede

Bondage restraint displays a feminine desire for experimentation.

A passionate woman always demonstrates her sophistication, the passionate nature of a seductress with the help of her appearance. Such a set of accessories looks great on a naked body, hinting at unquestioning humility and a desire to give yourself to your partner. Erotic caresses, hot bodies, and fullness of feelings will cause unprecedented emotions that will help to open the boundaries of what is permitted.

A man who feels the power of sexual attraction to a particular woman is ready to do everything to please her and demonstrate himself from the best side in a sexual way. His feelings are strengthened, he has another feeling to his woman. She became much more attractive and interesting for him, because what else can be expected from her ingenuity. His interest will never be lost if you constantly bring vivid emotions, and restraint bondage will help you with this.

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