Bondage restraints kits

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SET of:
Handcuffs - belt width 6 cm
Thigh cuffs - belt width 6 cm
2 x Gold double fixation

Bondage restraints kits are designed for pleasant intimacy.

Eroticism is always manifested through the appearance and mood of partners. Sophisticated lovers use such accessories during the sexual process that create the magic of attraction between them. A set of accessories can be used as a single set, creating a solid erotic image. Or you can surrender to passion and each time apply a different sexual image, using products separately. It all depends on the fantasies and addictions of the couple.

This makes it possible to feel incredible pleasure, feel the freedom of thoughts and movements, liberate partners before each other and bring real harmony to the relationship. Your main goal will be to tempt and to the highest degree satisfy the man. Each partner will find something new for himself in bondage restraint kit and gain an interesting experience through role-playing games. The main thing is to listen to the desires of your partner and share the passion.

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